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Accessorizing Your Car or Truck

No matter what the style of your car or truck is, chances are you want to change it from the way it was manufactured into a ride more suited to your personality.

Whatever you use your vehicle for, work, party, hang outs or off-road playtime, you can always accessorize it the way it suits your personality. Performance parts, accessories and customization products are always available to make your pickup truck our auto unique.

We know you love your Texas vehicle, but it’s kind of like buying a house. Once you settle in, you realize there are certain fixes and flourishes that need to be done to make it more comfortable or simply to call it your own.


Consult a professional

Even if you tinker a little yourself with car repair and/or customization, it’s really best to consult a professional before modifying your ride. You may save a little cash on labor by doing it yourself, but not if you break something. This can cost you a lot more in the long run.



Some customizations and accessories might void your vehicle’s warranty. Do some research on the brand of your car, as there are sometimes accessories that are approved by the maker that won’t void your warranty. You can also wait until your warranty is up. Of course, if warranty doesn’t concern you or if it’s already expired, then you do not need to worry about this at all.





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LEDGlow offers a variety of Multi-Color Underbody Lighting Kits all featuring multiple color options and lighting effects that will give any vehicle a one of a kind look. Our multi-color underglow kits include ultra bright, wide angle LEDs that are housed in high impact, water resistant tubes, and can be mounted on any make and model vehicle.

Each multi-color underglow kit features numerous solid color modes, flashing patterns, color cycle modes, and the extremely popular sound activation mode. This sound activation mode will allow your LED underbody kit to flash and beat to the music playing inside of your vehicle.

All of these incredible lighting functions can be easily selected using the included control box or wireless remote.

LEDGlow’s Interior LED Lighting Kits will illuminate the areas under your dashboard, your seats, or your foot wells, and are available in multi-color and single color options.

Our interior lights are available in three options: SMD LED Interior Light Kits, Standard LED Light Kits, and Expandable LED Lighting Kits, all featuring a variety of distinct lighting modes.

No matter which option you chose, all of LEDGlow’s LED interior car lights feature their own unique set of abilities and are backed by a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

LEDGlow’s Flexible Wheel Well Lighting Kits are offered in solid and multi-color options that will give your vehicle a custom, one of a kind look.

Each LED wheel well lighting kit includes four 24 inch high impact, flexible tubes, a control box, and mounting hardware that allows each tube to be easily installed to your fender well.

LEDGlow’s single and multi-color flexible LED Wheel Well Light Kits all feature their own distinct set of lighting modes, as well as ultra-bright, wide angle that will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

LEDGlow’s Truck Lighting Accessories will give any full size, midsize, or compact truck a distinct and custom look. LEDGlow offers LED Tailgate Light Bars, as well as single and multi-color LED underbody kits.

LEDGlow’s Tailgate Lights are offered in three separate styles; solid red, red with white reverse lights, and red with white reverse lights and amber turn signals.

Each of these styles is available in both 49 and 60 inch. Our LED Underbody Truck Kits are manufactured with the brightest LEDs that are housed in high impact water resistant acrylic tubes. LEDGlow offers Single Color and 7 Color Slimline Truck Underbody Kits; in addition to our Advanced 3 Million Truck Underbody Kit.

Truck Accessories

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars were originally designed to protect vehicles from lower body damage, but they have evolved to serve other purposes as well. Many truck and Jeep owners want Nerf bars just for the way they look — these sleek, tubular side bars make a stylish statement on almost any rig. Many Nerf bar styles also function as side steps, creating an easier and safer entry point into the truck.

Nerf bars and side tubes are sure to give a boost to tired legs and your vehicle's looks, too. Nerf bars look cool, and they give an easy step up into your truck. We offer a huge range of nerf bars.

Today's larger trucks need a beefy step up into the track cab and accent the rugged exterior. Constructed of heavy-duty steel or aluminum many designs feature molded plastic end caps and step pads.

Running Boards

Running boards have your vehicle covered with sturdy steps along the entire length of the cab. From truck running boards to van running boards, our aluminum, ABS and stainless steel running boards are ready to help for years to come. Some running boards can be paint-matched to your truck or van.

Give your vehicle a custom look by installing one of our great running boards. Our running boards are built by the best manufacturers in the truck accessory industry. Using only the highest quality parts and latest manufacturing technology, you will not find better running boards anywhere. You'll give your vehicle instant style and class when you add running boards to it. Our running boards are built tough.

Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers protect your truck bed and its contents from sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, leaves, and vermin.

A tonneau cover is also used to conceal cargo. It keeps items out of the sun and provides extra security by keeping personal items out of sight. Truck bed covers also keep the contents from being blown around or blown out of the truck.

Tonneau covers add a look many consider to be stylish by giving the truck bed a streamlined look. Engineering studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in drag coefficient with the addition of a tonneau cover to a modern pickup truck body style, thus giving savings on gas.

Roll Up Truck Bed Covers

Exclusive collapsible design which is quick functioning with a tough structure. When you top your truck bed with a roll up bed cover you are choosing the fastest, easiest and most convenient cover style.

Roll up bed covers are made with strong material and easily roll up and get out of the way for large loads in just seconds.

With roll up truck bed covers you get the total strength of a hardtop with the simplicity of a folding cover.

Vent Visors

Whether you call them widow visors, vent visors, wind guards, or rain guards, these simple vehicle accessories provide many benefits for increasing cabin comfort. Window vent visors mount above your vehicle’s side windows and excel at keeping the elements out but letting fresh air in. They make ventilation easy and enjoyable, while reducing wind and noise.

Equip your vehicle with our high quality vent visors & window deflectors. Rain, sleet and snow will be channeled away when the windows are open.

When you want fresh air, even in poor weather, a vent visor lets the clean air blow in without blowing you away.

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